Filmmaker: Liminal Films


Distributed by Rive Entertainment for Relapse Records

Premiered on Magnet Magazine website

North By Northeast (NxNE), Best Music Video Competition (2012) 

CIMMfest, Best Music Video Competition (2012)

Mexico International Film Festival, Bronze Palm (2012)

Canada Film Festival, Award of Excellence In Filmmaking (2012) 

Chicago International Reel Shorts Film Festival (2012)

Oak Cliff Film Festival, Best Music Video Competition (2012)

World Music and Independent Film Festival, Best Music Video Competition (2012)

Wait For Amateur

This is the first creative collaboration between Chris and Shayna Connelly. Chris was inspired by the bright colors, fast pace and happy-go-lucky attitudes of modern commercials for his new single, 'Wait For Amateur'. Shayna added the pop-art ennui of a disinterested game show hostess posing for an unseen audience. Note the nod to Chris' musical past in the model's WaxTrax! Retrospectacle t-shirt! 

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